We are sorry for being 24hrs late with the announcement, but here we go!
We would first like to thank all the participants for taking part of this competition, a big horns up to all of you! 🤘

Now over to the winner, congratulations Sandrina Morais!
We will send you the vinyls on Monday.

The competition has been a success and we might actually do something similar in the near future!

If you want to win 3 vinyls signed by all members, look no further! All you have to do is invite ALL your friends on FB to like the Nordjevel page, send us a print screen to nordjevel (at) gmail (dot) com.
The competition ends at Friday the 20th. at 15:00 Norwegian time, we will announce the winner at 18:00.
Necrogenesis in the Top 10 releases 2019 in!!!
Here`s a late year review we just received from Angelmeat.

"Nordjevel might just end up being the "next big thing" in Black Metal"

NORDJEVEL - Necrogenesis (Osmose Productions)

Norway is still able to deliver a regular Black Metal punch. You might not find it with the originators, but there are still fresh forces capable of "filling the blanks". It is debatable whether Nordjevel is a fresh force, considering the "all-star" line-up, yet it is still a relatively new name on the Norwegian scene, presenting its second full-length album, "Necrogenesis". Clearly, this quartet has no intention of creating something original. They simply take the most important aspects of the genre and deliver a bunch of songs that stay far away from the "already heard" pile. This is an almost perfect combination of relentless energy, primitive aggression, cold melodies, and atmosphere. Variety in arrangements without going too far to progressive territory is the main obstacle in albums like this, and Nordjevel did a good job here. "Necrogenesis" keeps the listener "nailed" to the speakers, even if it is over 47 minutes long. The experience of the members surely plays a significant role in this. To me, this album stands somewhere in between Ragnarok, Dark Funeral, Enthroned and the likes. In other words, the sound that will satisfy any Black Metal fan out there. With creativity displayed here, Nordjevel might just end up being the "next big thing" in Black Metal.

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